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series 8 watch

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This Luxury 2023 Model Series 8 Smart Phone Watch Has A Distinct Look And Quality That You Can Literally Feel, Obsessively Designed To Make A Bold Print. Designed With Premium High Quality Material. 

Here are List of things you can do with this 2023 Model Series 8 Smart Phone Watch:

  •  Make And Receive Calls. Yes you can use this special wrist watch to make and receive phone calls
  • Blood pressure monitoring: Always know if blood pressure is within normal limits, regularly conducted activities.
  •  Incoming Call: Synchronise phone contacts/call records, Touch the screen to dial directly
  •  Information reminder: Supports synchronous reminding of social media app. At the same time, it is reminded to view by vibration.
  • Sport Pedometer: Record exercise time, distance, steps, calorie consumption and other information, let you master the sport scientifically.
  • Distance: Let you get the exact distance while running. Speed can also record your distance.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Monitor heart rate during exercise. let you plan your time and exercise based on your heart rate


There are just so much you can do with this 2023 model Series 8 Smart Phone Watch.

This 2023 Model Series 8 Smart Phone Watch Comes In Yellow & Gray Colour, 
Which Is Identify As Series 7 Black
Here’s the “Series 8 Smart watch Yellow & Gray Color”.

Imagine You Wearing A Wrist Watch That Can’t Easily Be Seen Around.

This 2023 Model series8 Smart Phone Watch Is Not Only For Men or Women So Don’t Rock It Alone Without Your Partner.

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Today’s Price: ₦19,900 Naira


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